About us

E-Learning Cloud

Vision, mission, values ​​and goals


Leadership in the world of training using modern techniques for e-learning , according to international quality standards and excellence in building a knowledge society.


Elevating the level of training performance and help trainees on active learning and provide educational electronic environment with humanity and creativity without restrictions spatial and temporal learning strategies using modern and new electronic world to compete and positive cooperation which contributes to building a learning community distinct.

Values ​​

1 . Quality and excellence

2 . Leadership and teamwork

3 . Effectiveness and efficiency

4 . Participation and cooperation

5 . Fluency , flexibility and originality

6 . Quality rather than quantity

General Goal

The overall objective of Improve and develop the performance of e-training and meet the needs and requirements of everyone and achieve the highest possible levels in the practices and operations , products and services.

Detailed Goals

Seeking cloud e-learning with the relevant authorities to achieve the following objectives:

1 . Spread the culture of e-training.

2 . Ensure the quality of online training.

3 . Development trainers in the field of e-learning and its applications.

4 . Provide an electronic environment conducive to learning and supportive of the performance.

5 . Strengthen community partnership in the field of e-learning.

6 . Providing manpower to contribute to the provision of services and e-learning programs.